MegALinK™ at Hamvention 2016

K9NZF Systems™, the Chief Anderson Amateur Radio Club, and the WA9RN Wide Area Radio Network are proud to announce the 2016 Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™ special event wide area voice network for the 2016 Hamvention®. Beginning in 2011, the MegALinK™ Network was created as a way to provide analog FM mobile voice coverage from central Indiana all the way to Dayton, Ohio, and onto the grounds of the Dayton Hamvention® itself.

For 2016, the Dayton site of the system has been upgraded to a 10 dB Stationmaster antenna approximately seventy feet atop an all new Rohn 25G tower less than a mile from the Hara Arena complex. This new high gain antenna system will feed our tried and tested custom built UHF VoIP-enabled repeater, providing coverage to Hara Arena and the surrounding area, with wide-area connectivity via EchoLink® and RF to the other three MegALinK™ core RF sites in Indiana, as well as any other stations that may wish to connect.

Core Sites participating in the2016 K9NZF Systems™ MegALinK™ are:

K9NZF Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™ Special Event Repeater
444.675/449.675 PL 131.8 Hz (TX & RX)
Dayton, Ohio
Mobile Coverage from I-70 Exit 21 to Hara Arena; Portable Coverage at Hara Arena & Surrounding Area (10 dB Stationmaster at ~70 Feet < 1 Mile from Hara Arena)

WA9EOC Repeater
444.675/449.675 Carrier Squelch
Anderson, Indiana
Mobile Coverage on I-70 from Indianapolis east side to approximately IN-3 (I-70 Exit 123 in Indiana)

K9NZF Repeater (Master Site)
443.325/448.325 PL 103.5 Hz (TX & RX)
EchoLink® K9NZF-R (Node 443325) – Primary EchoLink® Node – Open to All Stations
Modoc, Indiana
Mobile Coverage on I-70 from IN-3 (I-70 Exit 123 in Indiana) to approximately I-70 Exit 21 in Ohio

KB9RRN Repeater
443.325/448.325 PL 156.7 (TX & RX)
EchoLink® KB9RRN-R (Node 541081) – Secondary EchoLink® Node – Open to All Stations
Greenwood, Indiana
Mobile Coverage on I-70 through Indianapolis west side and downtown; I-465 from approximately 38th Street on the west side to US-31 on the south side.

The Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™ Special Event Repeater at Dayton is intended for coverage at the Dayton Hamvention® and surrounding area, although throughout the weekend it will be available to all licensed amateurs in the Dayton area. All amateurs in route to or who are at the Hamvention® are welcomed and invited to use the system to communicate with any other amateur on the system, whether they are back at home, connected through VoIP, on the local repeater, or on another station in the system.

EchoLink® connectivity is also available to all interested stations, both single-user mode (PCs, tablets, and smart phones) and RF simplex links and repeaters through two EchoLink® nodes. The primary EchoLink® node for stations wishing to connect is K9NZF-R, EchoLink® node number 443325. The secondary EchoLink® node for stations wishing to connect is KB9RRN-R, EchoLink® node number 541081.

It is recommended that stations wishing to connect over EchoLink® connect first to K9NZF-R (node 443325) as it features higher bandwidth capacity and serves as the hub of the Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™ system. If no connectivity on K9NZF-R (443325) is available, use KB9RRN-R (541081).

System operators, please make sure your EchoLink® node is operating properly before connecting to the system. Stations connecting to the system whose nodes are operating improperly and/or causing unreasonable noise or interference (such as carrier-squelch operated repeaters or simplex nodes receiving co-channel or malicious interference) will be disconnected by the system control operators, and if necessary, permanently banned from the system.

The wide-area special event system will be live from the evening of May 19, 2016 through the end of the show on May 22, 2016.

Please direct any correspondence about the Dayton Hamvention® MegALinK™ system to, or visit our web site at for the latest information and links to our Facebook page. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to hear you on the system!

See you at Dayton Hamvention® 2016!