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This site by John Kerr, VE3SVE, offers a concise reference of booth locations of indoor commercial vendors and outdoor flea market sellers. Booth information is updated on a daily basis allowing you to locate your favorite vendors by booth number to aid in locating them during Hamvention. Also has a nice photo montage of Hamvention activities from years past and will be updated daily during Hamvention.

Hamvention Videos On YouTube
If you've never been to Hamvention, taking a look at some of these videos will show you what you have to look forward to!

K0NEB (Otherwise Known As The Cat-In-The-Hat Guy)
If you recall seeing a guy wandering around Hamvention looking like a Dr. Seuss character, it was probably Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB. He posts Hamvention slideshows and also presents forums on kit building at Hamvention. http://video.yahoo.com/watch/5105861/13542034

Randy, K7AGE is well known for his YouTube videos about amateur radio and more. He puts together a virtual tour of Hamvention each year.

These guys broadcast their hamvention experience live for the entire world to see on their website, starting with their drive to Hamvention and during all three days of the event!

ARVN: Amateur Radio Video News
ARVN has several videos from the Hamvention available as DVDs (with previews on YouTube). These go beyond "home movie" tours. They are professionally shot and produced programs. Some are seminars (FCC, D-STAR). One is a "Tour" produced to work as a club meeting program to introduce hams to the Hamvention. This year ARVN will be a Hamvention vendor for the first time.

Ham Gallery
There are a plethora of photos taken by K8CX at the 2013 Dayton Hamvention and Crowne Plaza Hotel.


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