Hamvention 2019 Building Update

In the spirit of being transparent to our Hamvention family, we are distributing this update:

Hamvention/Dayton Amateur Radio Association has spent many hours working with Greene County officials to reach an agreement on a long-term contract where both the Fairgrounds and Hamvention would feel comfortable erecting a new building. Unfortunately, we have currently been unable to successfully reach an agreement satisfactory to all parties.

This does not mean our relationship with Greene County and the fair board is not good, quite the contrary, it is excellent.  It does mean that we will not have a new building for Hamvention 2019.   Some of the significant upgrades accomplished in 2018 were, improved tents, permanent paths in the infield (flea market area) and we added an additional forum room.  More improvements are planned for 2019

We hope the Amateur Radio Community will understand and continue to support the event as enthusiastically as in the past. We will continue to send updates as the situation requires.


Jack Gerbs, WB8SCT, Hamvention General Chairman

Rick Allnutt, WS8G, Hamvention Assistant General Chairman