Hamvention® Prizes To Include ARISS Coins

Among the many door prizes at Hamvention 2018 will be two ARISS Challenge Coins from Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS), according to Bill Serra, prize committee chairman. The two keepsake coins are positioned side by side in a beautiful display box so each side of the coin is seen. A commemorative ARISS Challenge Coin is the premium received by donors who give $100 or more to ARISS.

A special prize drawing for the coins will be held Sunday following the 1 p.m. introduction of the Hamvention national award winners. The ARISS team will be at the AMSAT booth as part of its national fund raising campaign to raise money for costly replacement of the aging ISS radio system and to help defray the cost of continuing ARISS operations.

The coins are the latest addition to the hundreds of prizes that will be available when  Hamvention opens on 18 May. Serra said, “Our exhibitors have been very generous.  So far, we have received donations valued at more than $33,000.  We have a really great assortment of major prizes, and we want all attendees to make sure to drop their ticket stub in the Hamvention Prize Drum, located in the Volta Building (Building 4).” In addition a number of vendors indicated that they would make donations on arrival at Hamvention.

Attendees can check the overhead TV monitors which will display winning hourly and bonus prize numbers during the show.  These monitors will be located in Buildings 1, 2 and 3. The numbers will also be posted on Twitter.

Prizes include several radios from Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu, antennas, keys, coax, tools and a variety of other ham related items. Serra said that some of the hourly prizes may also be substantial and represent a broad spectrum of items of interest to hams.

For a list of major prizes and donors go to https://hamvention.org/event-details/prizes/.