Hamvention Response Times

Orders are pouring in at Hamvention and the volunteers are happy, but they are also very busy. We have been receiving emails asking why an order placed a week ago has not received a response. There are several answers.

First, all orders are processed by volunteers. While Hamvention is important to all of us who volunteer, it cannot always be our first priority. Jobs, family commitments, health issues and other concerns come into play. But we do our best to get our jobs done.

Second, whether you ordered by mail or online obviously has an effect. If your order was by mail, it may not even reach the Hamvention mailbox for several days. Then the nature of the order comes into play. If it’s a straight order for admission tickets, that committee has a goal of having the tickets in the mail within 48 hours of receiving the order and they have been generally meeting that goal. Of course, return mail times are not predictable.

If your order was for flea market or inside exhibit spaces it takes more time to process depending on the complexity of the order. Those orders can be complicated especially if they are not for the same spots as last year. Once processed the order may wait several days before being mailed out. Flea market and exhibits packets are not mailed individually but in batches. Both the exhibits and flea market committee are attacking the backlog. Processing of those orders is continuing as quickly as possible. Stopping to respond to “Where’s my order?” queries would delay processing. If there is a problem with your order, you will hear from us. Otherwise we ask that you be patient. Those packets are expected to be in the mail by the end of the month.

Thanks again for your support of Hamvention. You are important to us and we are not ignoring you. You will hear from us as soon as possible.