If you didn’t find your answer on the exhibits page. Maybe you’ll find it here! These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we’ve fielded since last years show. If you have a question you think should be added, please use the form below to let us know.

New Product Showcase

We know how important it is to let everyone know about your innovations! Let us help you tell the world!
TBD for 2019 – Expect specifics by March
The basics:
  • Companies will be able to showcase one item – either a product or range of products
  • Approximately 5 min presentation with Q&A (time varies based on demand)
  • This will be a media-centric event open to the public
  • Companies wishing to showcase must be a current Hamvention vendor or sponsored by a current vendor
    • This means that if you have a booth in the show, you may present
    • If you do not have a booth in the show, you must be publicly sponsored by a company who does
  • Basic A/V will be available – Projector (HDMI), Audio, Sound.
If you are interested, Sign Up Here, space is limited!

I'm having trouble logging in

Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you.

My Badges won't update!

A number of our vendors have had problems utilizing the badge portion of our online ordering system. We want to ensure that your badges are ready when you arrive. If you have had problems with the badge entry system and would like to verify your list, we’ll be happy to go over your list if send it to us at exhibits@hamvention.org.

The web portal is not working

Most often the web portal will experience problems if browser security is set to high. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Edge with normal settings. The portal also doesn’t like some autofill plugins.

I keep getting duplicate badge names in my order

If you are experiencing problems entering badge staff. Please send us an email or use the form below to send us the list using the format and we will ensure you get the proper badges.

  • First – Last – Callsign

What is a Clearspan Tent?

In order to better serve the needs of our vendors. We have elected to use Clearspan Tents. These will directly address many setup and weather issues. A Clearspan tent is, in short, a temporary building. Constructed with an aluminum frame and permanently installed panels, these structures behave more like a building and less like a tent as seen in these photos.

When does the early bird pricing end?

Early bird pricing officially ends on March 15. We may extend this under certain circumstances as far as a month before Hamvention. Individuals who are currently working on their booth and are unable to pay because of a technical issue will be exempt during the period of technical issue.

I have a receipt from the website that I paid, why am I not showing confirmed?

The receipt from the website is a booking slip. Your actual receipt will be mailed and/or emailed once the booking has been approved. This process can take several days during periods of high volume because each and every reservation must be reviewed before it is accepted.

If you make changes to your account after being confirmed, it will temporarily remove your confirmation until we are able to review the changes. Drop us a note using the form below and we’ll hasten your changes.

My booth is not listed on pcboard.ca

It can take 24 to 48 hours for the list to update after any changes are made. Longer if the hamsters go on vacation for the weekend.

How do I get a banner on my listing at pcboard.ca?

Please get in touch with the webmaster of pcboard.ca. Inside Exhibits staff do not have any access to update customer listings at pcboard.ca. There is a link at the top of the listing to submit your information.

Why does my credit card keep getting declined?

Our processing agent attempts to verify billing address information when charging a credit card. Ensure your information matches as closely as possible. If you are declined more than twice in a row, you will continue to be declined automatically to prevent fraud. Some card types are not accepted such as temporary credit cards, rebate cards and quick pay cards. Additionally, some countries are excluded because of trade agreements outside of our control. If there continues to be a problem, call us or contact us below and let us know.

Why won't the website let me add a booth next to mine?

It is Hamvention policy to honor all booth positions from the prior Hamvention. For example:

  • Company A is at booth #1000 and Company B is at booth #1001 for Hamvention 2017
    • Company A would like two booths for 2018
    • Company B has a right to occupy booth #1001
  • In order to help everyone be as successful as possible in their Hamvention demostrations, inside exhibits volunteers will attempt to coordinate booth changes that work to benefit all companies involved. This process takes time and often will extend into close proximity to the show.
  • We encourage vendors to work with their neighbors on plans to expand at least a year in advance. This method ensures that all parties are amicable to alterations.
  • Any coordinated deal between two vendors must be verified. Ideally, both vendors primary contact will email exhibits stating the terms of the deal. If only one vendor states a deal has been struck, it will take time to verify the deal exists.
  • Get your requests in early, if you are want to change, examining the show during operating hours is the best way to understand the areas.
  • See also – How do I request extra booths?

How do I request extra booths?

Contact us using the form below.

  • Please include company name
  • Point of contact
  • Any booth preferences should a move to elsewhere in the show be required
  • A firm date to accomplish the move by
  • Helpful Tips-
    • Move requests should be in as early as possible, by January if possible.
    • Working with neighbors during a show to plan for the following year makes booth changes easier for all involved
    • Moving can be good. It can rejuvenate a company image with increased show size and overall presence. (Did you see that Company BC moved this year? It looked a lot better than their usual schtick)

What do I need for proof of insurance?

Many blanket policies and existing insurances may be used. The only requirements we have are that Greene County Fair & Expo Center is named as the covered, or “Places of usual business” in the case of blanket liability. A current copy of insurance is required every year unless prior arrangements are made. Any further questions should be directed to your regular insurance agent.

If you’re not sure where to go, you may try https://www.insurance4exhibitors.com/
*Dayton Hamvention is in no way affiliated with nor endorses this example

Why do I need insurance all the sudden?

The insurance requirement has been officially in place since 2008. However, the reminders are new because many do not read the Booth contract.

I am not registered for Hamvention, what do I do?

There are three methods for registering for Hamvention: Paper, Online, Combination

Paper / Mail

Fill out PDF application and mail

Fill out Contract and mail with application

Paid by check postmarked by May 1st

Insurance agent may mail, fax or email certificate of insurance

Online / Web Portal

Filled out online form and pay by CC

Online agreement when payment is made constitutes a paperless contract

Insurance agent may mail, fax or email certificate

Paper & Online

Filled out and email application to have online account created

Online agreement when payment is made online with CC and constitutes a paperless contract.

Insurance agent may mail, fax or email certificate.

When using the paper form, please ensure that your booth selection is either a prior booth, available for booking or any general requirements for placement

If you have any questions about booking, please contact us using the form below

I am registered for Hamvention, when do I show up?

General booth setup begins first thing on Thursday morning. Wednesday setup is available for larger setups at no extra charge. Those who wish to setup on Wednesday should send a request to make sure schedules do not conflict with nearby vendors. There will be no more Wednesday schedule of events for move in. All others will be setting up on Thursday before the show during the hours listed on the Inside Exhibits schedule.

How do I get internet at my booth?

There will be two forms of internet available this year.

  • Wired
    • Very reliable for normal internet use and demonstration videos
  • Wireless – only available for purchase during the show
    • Suitable for intermittent internet use / most credit card readers
  • All internet sales will be through the Inside Exhibits office
  • You may pre-order your internet using the internet form

I need to pick up my parking pass and badges or I forgot my parking pass and badges at a random location?

All vendors needing parking pass or badge services should visit the Inside Exhibits office located just inside Building 2 – Tesla building behind the ARRL.

  • We ask that all people picking up credentials show a form of ID. This helps reduce any potential fraud and ensures we hand the right materials to you.
  • When picking up your packet, you must take all materials for your booth. We are not your secretary and will not distribute your credentials per person.
  • For customers who have not paid, payment will be required on arrival to receive credentials.
  • For customers who left their badges on a tropical desert island, we will gladly assist you in recreating your credentials.

Does my table come with the skirt?

The short answer is no, it does not. You may provide your own skirting if desired or skirted tables may be ordered through the decorator. Please note that this service is handled solely by Tradeshow Solutions.

How much electric do I need?

Many vendors do well with the provided electric. There are some vendors who have higher power needs than are available through the regular service. You may order additional electric using the Additional Electric form. This is available in a limited capacity and may not be available in all areas.

What is a typical booth layout?

The typical booth is approximately 10′ x 10′ and will have a curtain backdrop. The color of curtain may vary from year to year. Each booth will have low (3′) curtain separators between the various vendors using the same color.

  • Each booth receives a complimentary table 24” x 8′, that’s 2′ x 8′, not th 30” like the ones from Walmart
  • Two banquet style chairs
  • Approximately 600 Watts of electric at 110V-120V
  • 3 Booth Badges
  • 1 Parking pass per booth (no exceptions)

How do I ship stuff to the show?

All vendors wishing to ship items directly to the show will need to fill out the Drayage shipping form. This is handled entirely by the Tradeshow Services and Hamvention plays no part in package handling. This is intentional because our volunteers are not equipped to handle the various package needs of our vendors. Do not ship directly to Greene County Fair & Expo Center! Your package may get lost!

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