Unfortunately, several setbacks in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic make necessary the difficult decision to cancel Hamvention 2021. Hundreds of volunteers have been working to do everything necessary to bring this Hamvention to the many amateur radio enthusiasts and vendors who support the Dayton Hamvention.

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Visitor Information

For a listing of all Inside Exhibitors and Flea Market Vendors, please visit our friends at PCBoard.ca by clicking on the logo below. Included are detailed product descriptions and hyperlinks for Inside Exhibitors that participate in this listing service.

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Exhibitor Booth Listings

No Charge Hamvention Booth Listings. Indoor commercial and outdoor flea market vendors still have time to have your booths listed on the Hamvention Booth Tracker for free. See https://info.pcboard.ca/hamvention/ for the listing of all booths and https://info.pcboard.ca/hamvention/hamvention-listing/ to have your booth listed at no charge.

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  • No checks will be accepted after May 1st.
  • No extra parking passes are available.
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Exhibitor Information

Hamvention is at Greene County Fair and Expo Center located in Xenia, Ohio.

General booth information:

  • Building 1,2,3, 5 & 6 are 10ft x 10ft, Building 4 is 10ft wide (front) x 8ft deep
  • This includes a standard 8′ x 24″ table and two chairs
  • Pipe and drape
  • ~600W of electric
  • 3 vendor badges per booth (extras $24)
  • 1 parking pass per booth (no extras)

Booth Prices

Early Bird Pricing After April 10th
Building 1, 2, 3 & 5 $630 $705
Building 4 $580 $630
Building 6 $480 $530

Mike Berger
Chairman, Inside Exhibits

David Berger
Asst. Chairman, Inside Exhibits

Contact Information

Have a question? Check out the
  Inside Exhibits FAQ page
EMAIL: exhibits@hamvention.org

Inside Exhibits (937) 276-6931

Send “Attention Inside Exhibits”
(937) 276-6934

Inside Exhibits Committee
PO BOX 1463
Dayton, OH 45401-1466

Melissa Markland
Manager, Inside Exhibits

Rob Gauder
Liason, Inside Exhibits

Other notes:

  • Shipping items to the show will be handled by our decorator. Please see Dayton Hamvention Exhibitors Service Kit below for details.
  • DO NOT SHIP TO Greene Co. Fair & Expo Center, it may not arrive!

Notes from the staff:

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to an amazing show this year!


Update: 1/20/2020

Building 6

Clearspan Tents (more info on FAQ Page)


Forms from prior years or otherwise altered forms will not be accepted.

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Update: 11/14/2021

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Traditional telephone service will not be available to our booths this year. Please plan accordingly