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Visitor Information

For a listing of all Inside Exhibitors and Flea Market Vendors, please visit our friends at PCBoard.ca by clicking on the logo below. Included are detailed product descriptions and hyperlinks for Inside Exhibitors that participate in this listing service.

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Exhibitor Booth Listings

No Charge Hamvention Booth Listings. Indoor commercial and outdoor flea market vendors still have time to have your booths listed on the Hamvention Booth Tracker for free. See https://info.pcboard.ca/hamvention/ for the listing of all booths and https://info.pcboard.ca/hamvention/hamvention-listing/ to have your booth listed at no charge.

Online Vendor Portal

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If you have trouble logging in please check out the Inside Exhibits FAQ page.

  • Credit card orders will be processed online only.
  • No checks will be accepted after May 1st.
  • No extra parking passes are available.
  • You may pay by check using the forms below.

Exhibitor Information

Hamvention 2019 is at Greene County Fair and Expo Center located in Xenia, Ohio.

General booth information:

  • Building 1,2,3, 5 & 6 are 10ft x 10ft, Building 4 is 10ft wide (front) x 8ft deep
  • This includes a standard 8′ x 24″ table and two chairs
  • Pipe and drape
  • ~600W of electric
  • 3 vendor badges per booth (extras $20)
  • 1 parking pass per booth (no extras)
  • Booth cost:
    • $600 for Buildings 1,2,3 & 5
    • $550 for Building 4
    • $450 for Building 6 Clearspan Tent

2019 May Update

New Product Showcase

The show is just a few weeks away and several of you have asked about our New Product Showcase. We are offering that service again this year and here is how it works.
1. You must be a registered exhibitor or be sponsored by a registered exhibitor.
2. You must provide an official press release (see website for details)
3. You must sign up for either Friday or Saturday.


Parking this year will be similar to other years. With exceptions to those parking at the Building 6 parking lot. If your booth number is 6000, you are requested to enter from the Gate 5 to pick up your credentials. If you do not have your parking pass, Gate 5 (Omalee) is the only gate you’ll have leeway to enter to receive your pass. On show days, you may be required to enter a separate gate AFTER you have your parking pass.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign

A friendly reminder. Vendors and Exhibitors may not place signs, advertisements, banners or logos anywhere outside their purchased booth area. This includes, doors, walls, fences and poles. You must have written permissions from Dayton Hamvention before advertising elsewhere in the show. Those companies found violating this rule may not be allowed to return in 2020.
Thanks and 73,

2019 March Update


We are quickly approaching the 2019 Hamvention, which is shaping up to be a spectacular show. The ARRL is having a special event and AMSAT is celebrating its 50th. There are many opportunities to pass our knowledge on to the new generation of hams.

Mentoring the next generation isn’t just a phrase for 2019 Hamvention but is a reflection of Amateur Radio has meant for many of us in our various stages in the hobby.  Feel free to tailor your displays and efforts toward education and mentoring in conjunction with our overall theme for the 2019 Dayton Hamvention.

Building 6

To address the elephant in the room, we are working hard to address all of the concerns brought up with the clearspan tents. While we would love to put everyone in a building for 2019, that is not a reality and free spaces in the buildings are few and far between. As space becomes available, we are contacting those of you that have requests in and trying to consolidate space as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Badges and Parking Passes
As a reminder for 2019, our badge and parking pass policy will remain the same. Simply put:
Vendors get one parking pass FREE with each booth purchased. There are ZERO extras available and none will be sold due to limited space. If you need extra parking, general parking is available just outside the show gates and your vendor pass will get you in before official public times.
Vendors get 3 free booth badges with the purchase of each booth, any extras that you select in the online portal are beyond the 3 free badges.

Final Note: Badge names are hit or miss this year through the online portal. If you log in and don’t see your names, please send us a list to exhibits@hamvention.org subject: “Badge names” and we’ll make sure your badges get entered and printed accurately.

Packets by parcel

For the first time at our new location, we’re going to try shipping vendor packets again. This was a luxury that we enjoyed at Hara and I’d like to reinstate the packet shipping for 2019. Planning this year isn’t nearly as intensive and we should have the time and organization to mail those out.

We anticipate beginning our packet mailing the first week in April and conclude before April 15th.
If you would like to opt out of having your packet shipped, please email us at exhibits@hamvention.org subject: packets. We’ll be sure to hold your packet for pickup.

We will not be shipping any International vendor packets because customs has become unpredictable and packets may take 2 weeks or 2 months to arrive depending on the inspector.

Website has it all

A reminder for those who do not wish to use the online portal for ordering, all forms, maps and information for manual ordering is available at the Hamvention.org website on the Inside Exhibits web page

You may also find our FAQ page helpful if you have questions.

A friendly reminder that early pricing ends March 15th. We look forward to seeing all of you at the 2019 Dayton Hamvention.

2018 December

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

From all of us at Dayton Hamvention, Merry Christmas!  We hope all of you have had a great year. We look forward in great anticipation of 2019 and hope all of you will join us again for another spectacular Hamvention.

Anticipated Reservations

Reservations should begin the first or second week in January. Keep an eye out for our announcement emails and our website. Once reservations begin, we should reach capacity quickly. As a reminder, all vendors who were in attendance for 2018 will be guaranteed a spot (most likely the same spot) in the show.   If you have any problems editing your staff in our online portal, please email us a list and we’ll ensure your badges get printed accurately.

New Product Showcase

We will continue with the New Product Showcase with some changes to it to be announced closer to the show.

Fairground Site Infrastructure

We are continuing to improve all spaces and will release those improvements as they become available.  As many of you know from the press release earlier this year, the physical building to replace the clears-pan tents is off the table for 2019. This is outside our control and we continue to work with Greene County Fairgrounds Complex to bring better accommodations to our vendors.

Vendor locations

No major booth arrangement changes are anticipated and occupied spaces from the prior year will be respected.

Exhibitor’s Contract

There are two significant changes to the exhibitor’s contract for 2019: Exhibitor’s responsibility and use of remote-controlled aircraft. See contract for details

Mike Berger
Chairman, Inside Exhibits

Asst. Chairman, Inside Exhibits

Contact Information

Have a question? Check out the
  Inside Exhibits FAQ page
EMAIL: exhibits@hamvention.org

Inside Exhibits (937) 276-6931

Send “Attention Inside Exhibits”
(937) 276-6934

Inside Exhibits Committee
PO BOX 1463
Dayton, OH 45401-1466

Melissa Markland
Manager, Inside Exhibits

Rob Gauder
Liason, Inside Exhibits

Other notes:

  • Shipping items to the show will be handled by our decorator. Please see Dayton Hamvention 2019 Exhibitors Service Kit below for details.
  • DO NOT SHIP TO Greene Co. Fair & Expo Center, it may not arrive!

Notes from the staff:

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to an amazing show this year!

Maps – 2020 maps coming soon

Updated 9/10/2019

2018 Building 6

Clearspan Tents (more info on FAQ Page)



Traditional telephone service will not be available to our booths this year. Please plan accordingly